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BMB (amateur) S&C Boxing Plan

BMB (amateur) S&C Boxing Plan

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At this level, you’ll notice the weight sessions are tailored to develop muscular endurance/ building lactate threshold as well as improving overall strength and thus power output. With that said questionably most importantly S&C should be a means of also preventing injuries and re balancing the body. At this level its fair to assume you train at a frequency that creates little aches and niggles frequently, some of those can’t be avoided like the bruises but common issues like wrist, hand & Shoulder injuries can defiantly be prevented. For example, it goes without saying your lead hand is used way more than the rear hand. Or how the anterior delt will be overdeveloped but to create a balanced and strong shoulder one should also develop strength in the posterior delt.

Often at this level You’ll be training at your club and working full time so these workouts are efficient. All BMB packages also come with nutritional advice package (for free) so you can study and develop the knowledge to refuel/ rebuild effectively.

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