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BMB (white-collar) S&C Boxing Plan

BMB (white-collar) S&C Boxing Plan

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As a white-collar fighter, the focus should be on developing aerobic capacity & increasing lactate threshold. At this level usually the fitter fighter comes away with the win. This programme was created with that in mind, to ensure your gas tank outlast your OPP, allowing you, potentially without the experience and knowledge to take you OPP into deep waters and drown them (KO).

Often at this level You’ll be training at your club and working full time so these workouts are efficient and will only require you train 4 times weekly (not including the sessions at your club). Hill Sprints, slow 6-mile run, 3mile for speed and lastly a full body weight day. All BMB packages also come with nutritional advice package (for free) so you can study and develop the knowledge to refuel/ rebuild effectively.

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